Black Widow

First Strike

Performance Features:

  • Our USA made, NFC, hand-sanded, naked-graphite blanks, do not hide blemishes and are on average 20% lighter than their coated counterparts. All of our blanks are hand-sanded to avoid sanding into the fiber, damaging it and creating a weak spot.
  • Proprietary, made in the USA, offset seat for a lower sitting reel leads to better torque/rod roll control, increases casting accuracy, and enhances cradling of reel reducing wrist fatigue.
  • Proprietary lock-nut for a vice-like grip eliminates rocking reels.
  • Minimum epoxy on guide feet reduces weight and impact to blank action.
  • All guides feature a recessed ring design (RRD) creating enhanced bonding between ring and frame while protecting ring from impact. Angled tri-legged frame design eliminates nearly all line wrap, and improves casting distance and accuracy.


  • 20% lighter than cork and has a shelf life of 5,000 years, this tight hand woven, carbon-fiber saves weight and increases sensitivity.
  • Titanium frame with Zirconium insert guides are corrosion resistant (saltwater) and 40% lighter than comparable guides.


  • Hand-woven carbon-fiber strips amplify vibration and increase sensitivity. Each grip has a unique weave, with a satin smooth comfortable feel that becomes slightly tacky when wet.
  • Stainless Steel frame with Zirconium insert guides are corrosion resistant (saltwater) and 40% lighter than comparable models.

Developing the Series:

EDGE Bass rods perform when it counts most. Gary Loomis designed lightweight and responsive builds that continue to evolve each year. Fine tuning these sensitive tools with LMX materials, allows anglers to feel the slightest vibrations and tip twitches, as well as having the power to move fish from cover and brush. A deadly combo. Both the Black Widow and the First Strike series feature proprietary, carbon-fiber grips that are built in-house. Our casting models in both series feature EDGE off-set reel seats. Designed specifically to increase sensitivity leading to more hook-ups while reducing fatigue. On the water, these elements equate to hooking and landing more fish and fishing longer sessions with better results. These rods perform for the angler, naturally elevating their game.

NameFactory Direct PriceMsrpPiecesLengthActionPowerLine WeightLure WeightBuild
BWC DSR 711-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWC MBR 733-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWC MBR 734-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWC MBR 735-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWS DSR 711-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWS MBR 733-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWS MBR 734-1$350.00$700 3635000
BWS MBR 735-1$350.00$700 3635000
FSC CBG 7104-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC CBR 806-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC DSR 6101-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC MBR 703-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC MBR 704-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC MBR 705-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC MBR 706-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC P 787-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSC SWBR 808-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSS DSR 6101-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSS MBR 703-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSS MBR 704-1$225.00$450 3622500
FSS MBR 705-1$225.00$450 3622500