FSC MBR 705-1


Welcome to the “mega” jig rod in the Mag Bass series. When you pitch into a small, brushy opening, you have to pull the fish out of that same hole. There is no getting around it. And when those fish are 5-pound-plus largemouth, your rod has better be stout. Largemouth, especially big ones, may not have the stamina to last in a long fight, but you will not find a fish that pulls harder for 30 or 40 seconds – especially in heavy cover. It requires a rod with plenty of backbone. One that is light enough to use all day, yet that quickly reacts with authority. That is exactly where the MBR 705 comes in. It has a magnum fast taper with an extra-strong tip, which means when you move the rod, the fish comes with it. It is as simple as that. This is also a very good choice for peacock bass. 

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