The EDGE mission is simple: To define the epitome of performance fishing rods.


Edge is a new type of business. Most companies cut costs on materials or labor to hit price points set by retail buyers on store shelves, most of these products are marked up by fifty or even one hundred percent. Edge is different. We sell directly to the consumer so we can eliminate retail markups. By owning our factory, and not having any middlemen we can make products with no compromise in quality. We can build better gear for a better price. We are relentless in our pursuit for new and innovative materials. Our connection to our founder Gary Loomis allows us to utilize time tested, but ever improving manufacturing processes. In our never ending quest to manufacture lighter and stronger fishing gear we study new materials we find against our mantra “weight is a deterrent to performance.” When we think we are close to the perfect design we test our gear together with our pro staff in the best and in the worst conditions. We do all this because we want to make nothing less than the best fishing gear in the world. No limits, no compromises.

Proudly built for you in Woodland, WA USA