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This rod’s blank design is unlike any other SJR we make, and it is a lot more powerful than its rating sounds. Its unique design features a soft, flexible tip for tossing both bait and lures, but the magnum butt-section is very powerful, giving you total control. This rod is perfect for throwing jigs in situations with heavy current.


length:8'0″ line: 6-10lb lure: 1/4-3/4oz pieces: 2 type: Spin Jig action: Extra Fast power: Medium add'l info: Ideal for Bass, Walleye and Inshore Applications. Extra Fast, Fine Tip and medium action make this a perfect rod for a wide range of lures. Jigs to Spinner baits, Wacky Worm, poppers and jerk-baits, finesse jigs and hair jigs.


BWC BBR 805-1


The BBR 805 is designed mainly to fish for steelhead and salmon on larger rivers with moderate to heavy current. The length makes it a great choice for deep-water runs and pools where some extra weight is required and line control is more of an issue. Can’t find an eight-foot flipping stick for those oversized largemouth? Need something to handle heavy cover? This moderate action rod is perfect for those utilizing braided line, and it fishes shiners with the best of them. 


The Edge Swimbait 808 is a great mod-fast action swimbait rod for small to medium single hook swimbaits (up to 7 inches) and hard baits up to 8 ounces. The sweet spot for this rod is hard baits around the 2 to 6 ½ ounce range. From a DRT Tiny Klash to a Deps Slide Swimmer 250, the moderate fast action of the 808 is incredible for keeping big bass pinned. With this rod in your arsenal, you will no longer have to worry about pulling hooks on the fish that really matter. In the saltwater, this rod excels at throwing swimbaits and jerkbaits for a variety of inshore species. Calico bass, small grouper, and small ling cod or no match for the power behind this rod. 


This rod is long enough for small to medium-size streams where casts of up to 40 feet may be required. It is a delicate rod, perfect for little spring creeks. Besides being incredibly light, this rod features a very light tip that excels when paired with the ultralight tippets required on spring creeks.


length: 8'0" line: 12-25lb lure: 1/2-1 1/2oz pieces: 1 type: Crank Bait Cast action: Moderate power: Heavy add'l info: