First Strike

FSC ISR 662-1FSC ISR 662-1$400.00 $200.0016'6"4-10#1/8-3/8 3620000
FSC ISR 693-1FSC ISR 693-1$400.00 $200.0016'9"4-12#1/8-3/8 3620000
FSC ISR 694-1FSC ISR 694-1$400.00 $200.0016'9"8-14#3/16-1/2 3620000
FSS ISR 702-1FSS ISR 702-1$400.00 $200.0017'0"4-10#1/8-3/8 3620000
FSS ISR 703-1FSS ISR 703-1$400.00 $200.0017'0"4-12#1/8-3/8 3620000
FSS ISR 704-1FSS ISR 704-1$400.00 $200.0017'0"8-14#3/16-1/2 3620000
FSS ISR 705-1FSS ISR 705-1$400.00 $200.0017'0"8-20#1/4-3/4 3620000
FSS ISR 7116-1FSS ISR 7116-1$400.00 $200.0017'11"12-30#1/2/2005 3620000
FSS ISR 763-1FSS ISR 763-1$400.00 $200.0017'6"4-12#1/8-3/8 3620000
FSS ISR 764-1FSS ISR 764-1$400.00 $200.0017'6"8-14#3/16-1/2 3620000
FSS ISR 765-1FSS ISR 765-1$400.00 $200.0017'6"8-20#1/4-3/4 3620000
FSS ISR 766-1FSS ISR 766-1$400.00 $200.0017'6"12-25#1/2-1 1/2 3620000
ISR FSS 706-1ISR FSS 706-1$400.00 $200.0017'0"12-25#1/2-1 1/2 3620000

Performance Features:

  • Our USA made, NFC, hand-sanded, naked-graphite blanks, do not hide blemishes and are on average 20% lighter than their coated counterparts.We hand-sand to avoid sanding into the fiber, damaging it and creating a weak spot.
  • Our in-house custom braided carbon-fiber grips save weight, add “feel” transmission, performance, longevity, and ISR Casting models feature split grips, while spinning configurations are finished with full braided grips.
  • All models feature the patented EDGE Rods reel seats.Our special offset ergonomic design, for our casting models lowers the reel position for better torque/rod roll control, increases casting accuracy, and enhances cradling of reel reducing wrist fatigue, allowing it rest in a natural position.
  • To improve the feel of rod sensitivity, a highly developed feel through reel seat is featured on the medium-light to medium heavy power rods, allowing direct finger to blank placement for maximum sensitivity when using our casting models.
  • Proprietary lock-nut for a vice-like grip eliminates rocking reels.
  • Minimum epoxy on guide feet reduces weight and impact to blank action.
  • Fuji K Gunsmoke guides are coated Stainless Steel corrosion resistant (saltwater) frames featuring a tilted design and beveled frame helping to prevent tangles.

Developing the Series:

The EDGE Inshore series delivers lightweight, responsive rods to fight the vast variety of saltwater species with ease and comfort. All of our Inshore models are built with Florida to Texas coast actions, equipped with softer tips to increase sensitivity on fast actions. These special designs built with LMX materials, protect bait, enhance the feel of the strike and aid in fighting fish. Our proprietary First Strike carbon-fiber grips and fine componentry make these light and strong rods the ultimate precision tool to stand up to the elements of the saltwater environment and spawn success on the water adding distinction to your collection.