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Flip 767-1C 7'6" 1pc. Flip with Offset Reel Seat, full rear Black Widow Handle and Titanium Guides.

$225.00 $159.00

length:7’9″ line: 14-30lb lure: 1-3oz pieces: 1 type: Cast action: Fast power: Extra Heavy add’l info: Swimbaits, Big Shakey Head, Diving, Plopper, Hollow Body Frog, Toads, Carolina Rig, Texas Rig Worm, Creature Bait, Big Shakey Head, 10" + Magnum Worm, Flipping Jig, Football Jig, Flutter Spoon, Umbrella Rig, Glide baits, Multi-Purpose, Underspin, Tail Spinner


length: 7'8" line: 14-30lb lure: 1/2-2oz pieces: 1 type: Flip Cast action: Fast power: Ex-Heavy add'l info: