FSC HVR 764-1

$279.00 $251.10

Designed initially as a Hover rod for salmon and steelhead, the HVR 764 has proven to be an ideal bass rod too. This is an awesome rod for medium deep-diving crankbaits like the smaller Fat Free Shad and Deep Wee R’s.  Spinnerbaits will also feel at home when using this rod. One area that this rod truly excels at is with big stickbaits like the Zara Spook. It loads easily, it is extremely lightweight, and it has more than enough power to handle big fish. 

For the salmon fishery, Hover fishing is the presentation of eggs just off the bottom right in front of the fish’s mouth. The tip needs to be very light to notice a salmon pinch down the presented bait. But the blank must also have power for an angry 40-pound chinook. What makes this rod unique is an incredibly light tip and a powerful backbone all the way throughout.

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