NameFactory Direct PriceMsrpPiecesLengthActionPowerLine WeightLure WeightBuildBuy
EFX PRO BFS DSR 700-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO HYBRID 696-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO HYBRID 706-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO HYBRID 7106-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO HYBRID 736-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO HYBRID 766-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 664-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 694-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 695-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 696-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 703-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 703-1S$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 704-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 705-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 705-1S$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 706-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 708-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 7108-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 735-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 735-1S$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 736-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 738-1C$289.00$450
EFX PRO MBR 766-1C$289.00$450
EFX Pro MBR 768-1C$289.00$450
Epitome MBR 725-1C$495.00$495
Epitome MBR 725-1S$495.00$495
Epitome SJR 703-1S$495.00$495
Epitome SJR 764-1C$495.00$495
Epitome SJR 764-1S$495.00$495

INTRODUCING EFX PRO: A Technique Specific Split Grip Spin/Cast Series!

  • USA Made North Fork Composites “LMX IM” Blank (X-Ray Finish, Toray T800 fiber, Hybrid Crank Bait rods are made with Zentron and T800 fiber)
  • Premium Titanium Tangle Free Guides
  • Exposed Casting Seat with Custom Hood
  • Edge USA Made Spin Seat with Anodized Locking Nut
  • Carbon-Tex graphite handles Made by North Fork Composites