Performance Features:

  • 40% Lighter and 20% stronger than ANY fiber we have been able to source – metal carbon makes up the soul of the Silverback series of rods.
  • Our live bait rods feature NFC, hand-sanded, naked-graphite blanks, do not hide blemishes and are on average 20% lighter than their coated counterparts. All of our blanks are hand-sanded to avoid sanding into the fiber, damaging it and creating a weak spot.
  • Our Stand Up rods 40lb, 50lb, 80lb, feature metal-carbon, a patented fiber exclusive to NFC. It results in the lightest, toughest fiber we have been able to source. Our rods on average are 40% LIGHTER than their industry counterparts.
  • Our 9 foot Jig sticks are built with heat-shrink tubing over cork tape
  • Titanium hardware is light weight, durable and designed to stand up to the elements (saltwater).
  • Machined anodized aluminum reel seats are built light and tough.
  • Our 100lb Rail Rod and Stand Up rods feature 3M Cold Shrink grips that will withstand abuse against the gunnel or rail
  • Gimbals are crucial for comfort and fighting capabilities.
  • Lighter Pelagic rods (LRR 12lb, 15lb, 20lb) are build with cross blown EVA for superior recovery against indents
  • Hook keepers to stow bait and hooks while running to your next bait ball or when you call it a day.

Developing the Series:

One of the most exciting series to come out of the factory at EDGE, this 13-rod series of lightweight offshore builds is approximately 40% lighter than your average boat rod. The difference in weight is astounding and the strength and lifting power to control your catch with take your breath away. Utilizing a patented metal-carbon – This EDGE series is built to fight fish effectively and efficiently and to say these are a game changer is an understatement. Tested around the world in the most brutal offshore conditions on various species, blue water and green water anglers chasing sailfish or tuna or whatever the targeted species, will find that these rods are uncompromising and versatile taking pitching baits and vertical jigging to a whole new level. These rods are so strong and tough, yet light and graceful, with a beautiful silver like-look due to the metallic fibers – The Silverback Series.

NameFactory Direct PriceMsrpPiecesLengthLine WeightBuildBuy
FSC HLR 7012-1$279.00$450
FSC HLR 7015-1$279.00$450
FSC HLR 7020-1$279.00$450
FSS HLR 7012-1$279.00$450
SLJR 640-1C (PE0)$350.00$700
SLJR 661-1C (PE1)$350.00$700
SLJR 662-1C (PE2)$350.00$700
SLJR 663-1C (PE3)$350.00$700
SLJR 664-1C (PE4)$350.00$700
FSS HLR 7015-1$279.00$450
FSC HLR 708-1$399.00$699
FSC HLR 71040-1$495.00$800
FSC HLR 71050-1$495.00$800
FSC HLR 71080-1$495.00$800
FSC HLR 76100-1$495.00$850
FSC HLR 7630-1$279.00$500
FSC HLR 788-1 $279.00$699
FSS HLR 7020-1$279.00$450
FSS HLR 708-1$399.00$699
FSS HLR 7630-1$279.00$500
FSS HLR 788-1$399.00$699
HLR 5880-1C$495.00$800
HLR 6350-1C$495.00$800