Edge Fishing Rods - Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Rods Designed by Gary Loomis, founder of G. Loomis, Inc. - Manufactured in Woodland, WA. USA
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Edge Fishing Rods, Built to fish. Period.

With great pride and hope I welcome you to our website. I ask you to be patient with us as we ramp up our production to provide the best performing USA made rods on the market. There are some exciting things we want to introduce to our fishing friends, all of which are designed to give you a better suited tool for your particular style of fishing. We hope you share just a little bit of our excitement. After all, if it weren't for you fishermen and fisherwomen, we'd have to build arrow shafts... but, that is a totally different conversation.

Tight lines,
Gary Loomis

steelhead with fuschia jig
© Eric Martin Photo
surf casting
© Jon Bial Photo
Made in USA

We're a little bit fanatical about using USA products whenever possible. Decals, packaging and apparel are all manufactured in the U.S. We make our blanks here, using Alabama made graphite fiber that is prepregged in California. When possible rod components are U.S. sourced, and when we not available, we see if it's possible to make them ourselves. Buying quality U.S. manufactured parts is expensive, but that is what it takes to build the pure performance tools demanded by the best guides, pros and fanatics. We think Benjamin Franklin would approve.