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Product technique: wiggle wort


BWC HSR 760-1

$399.00 $279.30

An excellent 12-pound test, one-piece plug rod for salmon and steelhead. The 760 is also a perfect spinner rod for small rivers, and a terrific rod for drifting small baits for summer steelhead and fall silvers. It has a magnum-power butt and quick, light tip that delivers fast, accurate casts and good fish-fighting ability - whether you’re fishing from a boat or the bank. 


FSC HSR 7600-1

$279.00 $195.30

This rod was originally designed to back-troll small lures (plugs like mag lips and hot shots) for steelhead or silver salmon. But because of its extra-fast design, light tip, and powerful butt, it has quickly emerged as the rod of choice for serious walleye anglers fishing spinner/worm rigs. Saltwater flats fisherman also like the light tip for casting soft plastics, jigs or bait to cruising redfish and specks. This is an extremely versatile rod for both fresh and saltwater use and it is surprisingly powerful for its size.