Delta-FSC MBR 744-1

$149.00 $134.10

A remarkably versatile deep-water jigging rod, this powerful rod’s 7’4” length delivers increased tip speed, longer casts and more positive hook sets. It works extremely well for Carolina-rigged worms, pitching jigs in close or even light-duty flipping. If weeds are the dominant cover in your lake, you will appreciate the magnum power of the MBR 744  for pulling big bass out of the thick stuff. Anglers heading for South America really like this rod for peacock bass and other oversized exotics. Its saltwater uses are fairly limited, but anglers chucking lures for big snook, redfish or small tarpon will find it more than sufficient. Freshwater stripers, northerns, muskies, and even salmon can be taken with this rod, but mainly it is a serious big bass tool.

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