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Product technique: Ultralight Trout


FSS FWR 702-2


Here’s a really nice small-river trout and grayling rod. Ideal for 6-pound test, the FWR 702’s 7-foot length affords longer casts, making fishing from shore a pleasure. It has sufficient backbone to handle bonefish and works well for shad, as long as you don’t need a lot of weight. Spinner anglers will appreciate the light tip and fast action for fishing small to medium-size blades. 


BWS StR 961-2


The ultimate light-line steelhead drift rod. It has the perfect action to handle 6-pound line and a subtle power, much like a fly rod, that tires fish quickly. We originally designed this rod for the western technique known as boondogging, where the angler lets his boat drift the same speed as the river. This allows the bait to maintain a drag-free drift beside the boat. The technique requires a more forgiving rod, because the fish will drop the bait the minute it feels any resistance. Consequently, this rod is soft enough to let you “see” the strike before the fish has time to react. It works well for both winter and summer-run fish. This style of rod has become a favorite for those anglers that are side drifting.  Other applications include still-fishing bait for big trout and casting small spinners and spoons from shore.