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Product Action: Moderate
Product technique: Dry Fly
$495.00 $346.50

Years ago, a 9-foot 6-weight was the standard for western trout anglers. As rod materials have improved and rods have become lighters and stronger, the #6 has taken a back seat to the 5-weight. It is now the “in between” size for the transition from trout fishing to warmwater species. Capable of remarkably long casts, this rod also has the ability to make delicate presentations - especially in windy conditions where a #5 can't quite handle it. This is a good streamer rod, and it admirably casts the oversized, wind-resistant poppers, stoneflies and hoppers that are so popular on the larger streams of the high desert. It is also an excellent rod for ultralight saltwater applications on the flats, going after bonefish and small mangrove snapper.