SWC STR 10105-2 (X-Ray LMX) C6O2


What makes the Silver Widow rods special?

1) They incorporate the latest blank technology available, which results in a blank that is 30% Lighter and 50% Stronger than our HM blanks.

2) Silver Widow grips are hand braided, they are made by a proprietary process called vapor deposition, under which the fiber is metallicized, increasing the vibration transfer.

3) We discovered this property through our antenna business (We make some pretty cool ultralight weight, conductive antennas out of this material)

4) This material is exclusive to Edge, so much so, that it is protected under two patents. One for the material itself, and another for the increase in sensitivity. Patent Number: 9991588 and Patent Number: 10005889

5) They Feature Titanium Guides, and USA Made Spinning and Casting reel Seats.  The casting reel seats are offset 15 degrees for a comfortable all day use.

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