FSS MBR 704-1

$245.00 $171.50

This is a fast-action 4-power rod, making it a good choice for most jigging applications. This includes shallow-water pitching, deep-water jigging, plastic worms and slow-rolling oversize spinnerbaits. The MBR 704 was designed for largemouth bass, but it doubles nicely for big northerns and light-duty muskie fishing. The tip is stiff, with a magnum butt for moving large fish in heavy cover. It excels in brushy, tree-choked areas where you need a powerful rod to get the fish to the boat. It is also the perfect choice for fishing heavy jigs or large plastic worms in deep water where “feel” is paramount, and for heavy duty spoon-jigging, where your ability to set the hook in deep water is especially important. 

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