FSC SAR 360 Pro 1066-2

$345.00 $241.50

If the ultimate salmon trolling rod existed it would want to grow up and become a 360 Pro. Decades of rod design, manufacturing, and professional guiding went into the design of these rods. A perfect hybrid, with a tip that loads deep and recovers slowly to not interfere with the action of the lure. Are you using a flasher? No problem. Diver and bait? No problem.  Kwik Fish, plugs? No problem. 360 Pro because it is an all around workhorse that is preferred by the pros (and their clients!)

These rods feature extended fore-grips to not allow the blank to rest on the rod holder, a double locking stainless seat, and guides that are ceramic free (we opted for a pressed hardened metal instead) so that there is no chance of losing an insert.

Perfect for the great lakes, trolling in bays, and our home river the mighty Columbia.  These rods are powerful to control oversize sturgeon and make quick work out of spring chinook! This seven model family provides rods from light to heavy lead weights, with a length spread from 9’2 to 12’6 for those running multiple rods in their boats.

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