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Just when you think you’ve got everything covered, somebody invents a new technique or revives an old one. In this case, it is a little bit of both. Caroline-rigged plastic worms require a bit longer rod to handle the long leaders associated with the technique, while deep-water jig fishing is much easier with a long rod because it increases the leverage during the hook set and moves more line. The 723 is excellent for both applications. Not to mention the new oversized crankbaits that anglers have incorporated to reach deep ridges and mid-lake humps. While you want a lighter tip to allow the plug to wobble enticingly, you also want a little extra backbone to handle the larger baits like the ⅝ ounce Fat Free Shad or the big Bombers. It is a matter of leverage, and this rod makes the job a lot easier. 


length: 7'2" line: 8-14lb lure: 3/16-3/4oz pieces: 1 type: Mag Bass Cast action: Fast power:  Light Med Heavy add'l info: Handle Length 10 1/2 inches from bottom of reel seat to fighting butt Application: Tokyo rig, Lipless, Diving, Square Bill, Wake Bait, Jerk Bait, Prop Bait, Walking Bait, Popper, Weightless Senko, Wacky Worm, Neko Rig, Small Shakey Head, Drop Shot, Finesse Jig, Spy / Spin Baits, Tube, Chatter Bait, Under Spin, Blade Bait, Jigging Spoon, Multi-Purpose Hair Jig, Finesse Jig, Tail Spinner


SWS DSR 721-1

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The finesse technique of dropshotting is exceptionally effective for the most finicky fish. This rod was initially intended for the dropshot technique, but has expanded to Ned Rigs, Shaky Heads, Finesse Swimbaits, and Neko Rigs. When light tackle and graceful presentations are the name of the game – our dropshot rods answer the call. The tip of the rod is very light for setting the hook with lightwire hooks and with a couple of quick turns of the reel, the rod takes care of the rest.  The carbon fiber grips allow the angler to “see” underwater for the most subtle, finicky bites – leaving nothing to chance.